About Us

We provide smart furniture solutions that are hassle-free to assemble.

At quagga designs, we strive to provide exciting, innovative, functional and easy-to-assemble furniture solutions. We do this by constantly developing new, unique designs that simplify busy lifestyles.

Since its inception in 1991, quagga designs’ focus has been on our customers. From offering the most innovative designs, to making every step of the shopping experience enjoyable, we put you first!

We make innovative modern designs that are not found elsewhere, and we are proud to say that our products are unique in design and function. For example, each bed frame is designed in such a way that the customer only needs to set aside a few minutes for assembly. Our bed frames are also highly versatile, meaning select beds can be expanded if the customer decides to change mattresses, and they are easily stackable for storage and moving from one location to the next.

Here at Quagga Designs, we are passionate about design, and work everyday to enable you to live life more fully through design and style.

Origins of the Quagga Name

When we first started offering smart furniture solutions we wanted to find a name that would fit our mission perfectly. As more and more furniture providers switched to mass production, we noticed that high quality low cost furniture had become nearly extinct. We decided to look for a name that suited our mission to resurrect exceptionally high quality, low cost furniture. And then it hit us;

Meet The Quagga

This beautiful South African cousin of the Zebra had become extinct in the late 1800’s due to the expansion of civilization and mass hunting of animals for the fur and meat trades. Then by some miracle, a taxidermist in South Africa named Reinhold Rau, conceived a Project in the 1980s to resurrect the lost beauty through reverse engineering it’s evolution using selective breeding.

This once extinct animal was the perfect metaphor for our business. Not only did we reverse engineer high quality furniture and bring back a new standard in affordable furniture solutions, but we did it in a way that inspires our customers. From the beautiful black and white stripes to the classic brown coat, the Quagga is the perfect blend of creative beauty, and practical simplicity.


Carl Heinrichs - Founder

My venture into woodworking began in January of 1991 in a small shop located in St. Catharines, Ontario. The long days in the shop made me appreciate wood and its unique characteristics. Growing up in Germany, I was exposed to the “Ikea” craze. That let me to design furniture, in particular beds, that are minimalistic and super easy to assemble. Utilizing all resources available to us here in Canada should be our priority.

The No-Fuss, No-Fuss Plus and the Tic-Tac-Toe bed require absolutely no hardware. The Flex bed and Accordion bed both require minimal amounts of hardware that will be provided for you with the shipment.

Most of our beds ship 2 boxes.

Each bed can hold between 1155kg and 1595kg.

The average weight of our beds is 40kg.

Our linseed oil finish is environmentally friendly and has no off-gassing.

We do not use any stain, however we apply linseed oil to the surface of our products. Linseed oil is environmentally friendly and brings out the natural beauty of the wood grain. It also deeply nourishes the wood while providing providing protection that is waterproof and abrasion resistant.

Only within 30 days of purchase.

If you are not fully satisfied with your bed, you can return it after 30 days no questions asked!

According to our customers, the No-Fuss beds are the easiest and quickest to assemble.

No. We do not sell our products for wholesale.

Please reach out to us and will send you the missing pieces.

Yes, we have had customers using metal brackets to attach headboards.

No. The slats on most of our bed frames are turned side ways which creates friction between the mattress and the bed’s slats.

Yes, we do! You can find an informational video specifically on the No Fuss Plus bed frame at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMp7RY0inmo

The No-Fuss beds have 6 inches of storage space, and the Accordion bed, Tic-Tac-Toe bed and the Flex bed have 10 inches.

They are harvested close to Montreal, Quebec.

We stumbled upon the “Quagga” (an extinct Zebra) many years ago and just loved the name. We find that many furniture companies do not value quality but rather quantity and affordability for customers. Quagga Designs aims to “bring back quality from extinction,” by providing high quality furniture for a reasonable price.

For a more in-depth explanation of our company name and why we chose it, take a look at our post on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/quaggadesigns/

Once disassembled, the base and slats can be strapped and stacked onto each other for easy transport.