We are not just a furniture company.

We focus on creating innovative, minimalistic design solutions. Our platform bed frames are unique in design, quality, and function, meaning they are easy to assemble and require minimal to no hardware.

no fuss
tic tac toe
Flex Bed Spread
no fuss plus

The best wooden platform bed frames on the market

High Quality

Quagga Designs makes all of their bed frames out of high quality Canadian birch plywood.

Great Load Capacity

Durable and built to last. Each bed frame can carry from 1100kg to 1500kg in weight.

Easy Assembly

No more lost screws or need for screwdrivers. Each bed frame only takes minutes to assemble with minimal to no hardware.


The No Fuss Plus bed frame and the Accordion bed frame can expand from single to double and queen to king sizes!

Reasonable Price

You won't find another bed frame with a better price. Quagga Designs aims to be affordable for everyone. Prices range from $269.99 to $399.99

No Squeaking

No metal means no squeaking!

What our customers say

Extremely Happy. Went online looking for a simple, bedframe for my 18 year old daughter who doesn't have a big bedroom & wanted something that wasn't cheaply made. When I read all the positive reviews of this bed frame I knew I had to have it. My husband built it in 30 minutes & my daughter loves it. No squeaky springs. Sturdy. Comfortable. Very well made I'm positive it will last for years. Doesn't need a box spring but you can add one if you like. Worth the money.

High quality bed. I just bought 3 of these bed frames in double size for my children. I have three energetic boys, who jump around on them alot, and found this bed to be sturdy, beautifully finished and easy to put together. I wanted modern simple lines and I got it at a reasonable price. These will be around for a while.

We just bought our second king size Quagga bed. They had it ready in very short notice! This one is an accordion king and is even easier to assemble than the previous no fuss one. We bought it four our bunkie in Prince Edward County and hope to buy several more when our house is built. The beds are extremely stylish, with their low profile, easy to disassemble if you are moving, quiet and sturdy, and works like a dream with a memory foam mattress. The price is amazing. Thanks so much! - Helen